Create Online Store Free of Charge with These Popular Website Builders

Looking for a website builder to create online store free of charge? Here are the most popular website builders you can use!

Now that you have finally decided to create an online store it is time to find a suitable website builder. If this is your first time creating a website, we recommend you to take advantage of the free website builders.

Yes, there are free website builders that can help you create, design, and run a website. This is great as you will get an opportunity to see how skillful and creative you are, when it comes to creating and designing a website.

As you probably know, there are so many website builders out there and trying each on will take a lot of time. We have decided to help you out by reviewing the best website builders on the market.

By using one of these website builders you can create online store free of charge:



A rare website builder which allows you to connect your own domain name. Most ecommerce website builders don’t allow to use your own URL. The only downside of using the free plan Ucraft offers is that you can only have one page per website. If you are looking for a website builder to build a landing page only, Ucraft is the best option for you.


This ecommerce website builder was designed to simplify the way you create and design one-page websites. If you want to create a one-page website, Strikingly is a perfect solution.

Zoho Sites

This ecommerce website builder used to have the best free plans – you could use your own domain name or your own URL and there are no ads. Perfect, right? But, Zoho Sites doesn’t offer these options anymore. Its best feature is the powerful form builder.


This is another popular website builder, however, it cannot be compared to the websites builders we just mentioned because the templates are a little bit outdated.


With a drag-and-drop interface and features similar to Wix, this ecommerce website builder allows you to drag elements anywhere on the page.


One of our favorite free website builders on the market. Once you will decide to register, you will be asked whether you are a web designer who wants to build a website or ecommerce store for a client or are you building a website for yourself. This tells you that this website builder is designed for both beginners and professionals. Dudaone is known as one of the easiest builders to use.



This website builder doesn’t put any ads on your website which is great. However, the downside of this tool is that the subdomain they give is pretty much unusable and in most situations – unsuitable and there is no way to edit it.

WebsiteBuilder or SiteBuilder

If you have more time and you would like to make a research, you will discover that WebsiteBuilder and SiteBuilder are the same product. They use different domain names. If you have bigger goals and you want to grow your online business or upgrade in the future, we kindly advise you to avoid these websites. They are suitable for small websites with low traffic.



This is without a doubt, one of the best website builders. We highly recommend this tool for someone who is looking for an easy-to-use system. It comes with great features.

Check out these great website builders, analyze the features they offer, the pros and cons of their services, compare prices, and finally decide which website builder is suitable for you and for your new website.

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